Housing Issues


Missing Middle Housing- small-scale, multi-unit or clustered housing in livable, walkable, urban communities


"Many people age 50 and older are looking to be part of a social network rather than living in an isolated environment with only people their age. Missing Middle tends to be in communities that are age diverse."

— Architect Daniel Parolek

Examples of Missing Middle Housing

  • Carriage houses
  • Townhouses
  • Bungalows
  • Courtyard apartments
  • Side-by-side or stacked duplexesLiv
  • Four-plexes
  • Small multiplexes with five to 10 apartments or condos
  • Work/live units

Missing Middle Housing should be part of a compact, walkable neighborhood that has commercial amenities such as restaurants and small businesses. There are huge environmental benefits for this kind of housing, too. We're using less land and reducing greenhouse gas emissions — and we're getting people out of their cars.- AARP Livable Communities