Facts and Figures



walkscore.com and your home value

Enter your address into Walkscore.com to see how you rate. According to Redfin, "Walkable neighborhoods are also seeing significant jumps in property values. A one-point increase on Walkscore, a website that rates the walkability of U.S. neighborhoods on a 1 to 100 scale, translates into $3,250 more in value." "85% of survey participants said that sidewalks are a positive factor when purchasing a home, and 79% place importance on being within easy walking distance of places."- National Association of Realtors


Costs of driving

Buying a car is not cheap. Owning a car isn't cheap either. AAA estimates the average driver will spend $8,469 annually.


Reducing Chronic Health Conditions

Something as simple as walking can drastically improve your health.  From prevention to treatment, increasing your steps per day will improve personal wellness and battle chronic issues. Click to see a collection of studies.


AARP Livability Index

Like Walkscore, the Livability Index is a high-level look at metrics that determine quality of life.  On transportation, we score 48/100. It takes into account how many walk trips can be made, how long people are caught in congestion, ADA accessibility and local pedestrian/bike policy adopted.



Housing Issues

"Many people age 50 and older are looking to be part of a social network rather than living in an isolated environment with only people their age. Missing Middle tends to be in communities that are age diverse."

— Architect Daniel Parolek