WellBatavia Speaks in Favor of Pedestrian Crosswalks

Continuing our Initiative to promote the health and wellness of Batavia, the WellBatavia Initiative provided a statement at the Batavia City Council meeting along side Batavia Environmental Commission and Bike Commission urging the city to evaluate the positive impact pedestrian crosswalks have on promoting physical activity and accessibility to our community! 

Check out the article in the Kane County Chronicle: Here

WellBatavia, Farmers Market & 5K to set city in motion

"Making its debut, WellBatavia, which has enfolded Green Fair On the Fox, is the brainchild of physical therapist Sarah Greenhagen of Batavia, who chairs the event’s committee. 'I have a huge passion for making sure the community my patients live in really promotes their health and well-being, so they are able to do everything they love to do,' Greenhagen said."

Article by the Kane County Chronicle detailing the progression of WellBatavia from dream to reality.