The Mini - Documentary

This project made possible due to the generous support from AARP.  Our mini-documentary features local business owners, city employees and Batavia residents young and old. We took a walk around town to see the sidewalks from different points of view, then biked around to feel how comfortable our streets are for cyclists.  We also received a hands-on lesson from Pace on how to place a bicycle on the bus for multi-modal trips.  Easier than you would think!


We've been selected!

Our documentary will be shown at the Dox on the Fox Film Fest on March 23rd at 6:30pm and March 24th at 10am. We're honored to take part.

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Trailer #1

We hope to inspire all who watch our mini-documentary to get out and walk around town.  Here's a sneak peek!

Behind the scenes

See our "walk auditors" and the crew around town in during the shoot.  Thank you to our talented photographer, Laurel + Prairie.  

Trailer #2

What is this campaign all about? Check out our second teaser to find out!