Walk Batavia / Bike Batavia

The average person walks 3.1 miles per hour.

The average driving speed limit through downtown Batavia is 25 miles per hour.

A driver simply cannot appreciate the town's natural beauty or historic architecture from a car. It is reduced to a blur outside the window.

It is our goal to get everyone in Batavia out on the sidewalks and bike trails.  See your town from a new angle and a slower speed.  Take a walk up Paperboy Alley. Stop and read the history of commerce at Store Henge.  Sit and stare at the pond with the Wise Frog.

Oh, you don’t know what any of these are?  You have been going through town too fast!

Pledge to slow down this spring and summer! Click here to join the Walk / Bike Batavia Movement!


walk batavia / bike batavia documentary

In 2017, WellBatavia partnered with Batavia MainStreet, Batavia Environmental Commission, and Batavia Bicycle Commission on a grant from the AARP Community Challenge to produce a mini-documentary on downtown Batavia’s bike and walkability.   

Walking/biking downtown - the good and the bad

Our downtown has some fabulous walking and biking amenities. There are great economic and environmental achievements paired with people-centered, social gathering spaces.  There are also some major areas of concern.  Take a virtual walk through our annotated map to see what we found.  We would also love for you to conduct your own walk audit and add to our map! Email notes on your walking/biking experience to admin@wellbatavia.com.

case studies

Walking and biking presents different challenges depending on who you are, where you live and how old you feel.  In a series of case studies, we look at our town's varied built environment and how it impacts people of different mobility levels.

Facts and Figures

Don't just take our word for it.  Our mission to increase walking and biking around Batavia is informed by a vast set of research from the fields of public health, environmental science, urban planning, and sociology. If you are a nerd for data, we've compiled these facts and figures for your consideration.